Tuesday, November 23, 2004

joy s., impromptu knitting instructor extraordinaire

it's so funny how knitting creates either one of two different reactions:
  • ridicule - "wow, joy, you're a grandma"
  • or
  • intrigue - "wow, how do you DO that?"
but the best part is that BOTH reactions create the same type of outcome: INTEREST. two weeks ago i get on the R train from 42nd street to queens, when this young african american woman sees what i'm doing, plops right down next to me in a practically empty car and says, "how do you do that? teach me." so i proceeded. on her ride from 42nd street to steinway - which is about 25 minutes, i might add - i showed her how to cast on, knit, purl and create ribbing. she thanked me for the quick lesson and said "you must really enjoy teaching how to knit, because you are so enthusiastic about it!" hehe...

so this month i've been spending a lot of my time with this group of girls i knew from college. most of the time we're just sitting and chatting away, so i pull out my project and start knitting away very casually, causing one of the two reactions stated above. but no matter where i went i always ended up sparking interest of at least half of the room and in some cases even teaching people! the last gathering i went to i taught two girls how to cast on and do the knit stitch. so much fun... sure one of them broke an end to one of my denise interchangable cords, but honestly i didn't mind. just being able to see that this person was interested and enthusiastic about learning made my day. lol... i'm so lame.

so tonight, go figure, the group of girls that i sparked interest in is getting together! just by pulling out my knitting during these little get-togethers i have created my own little SnB! lol... i love it. of course, i have to teach most of them, but i think it's so wonderful because i never really had anyone to knit with before! and now it's looking like a group of at least 8 girls! how friggin fantastic is that?

*sigh* makes me all warm and fuzzy.

*edit* oops... how about some life updates, right?

    lists make me happy ;)
  1. last weekend i completed about 80% of the move out of my apartment. the chick that they got to take my room really needed a place to stay, so paid me $250 to get out a week earlier. more hawaii spending money for me!
  2. because of the unexpected move, i still wake up at 7:30 in the morning to leave my mother's queens home, which is about an hour longer a commute than my old apartment. uh... yah, i haven't been getting to work on time at all this week.
  3. not used to moving creatures in my living space, i got freaked out last night because i thought a mouse rummaging through my huge pile of stuff and couldn't sleep until around 2 AM. that's because i found out the "mouse" was my cat. duh.
  4. 16 days until HAWAII!!!! woooooooooooooooooooooooo! but even better... only 8 of them are WORKING days. sweet.
i think my "winter blues" are slowly going away...


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