Monday, August 30, 2004

i heart my carla

go ahead... sweat it. :-P i know i do.

check out the sleeves! i heart the sleeves the most. i think it's because it took me so long to figure them out.

also finished more of my thrill. woo hoo! i'm on a cotton tape roll... more to come later on this week. i'm in sql training all week, and i totally forgot. my training's in midtown, too, so that means i'll be in a sea of protesters the whole time as well. ugh. hopefully it'll be as peaceful as this weekend's protests... otherwise if you're watching the news and in the chaos you hear a woman screaming "i just came here to learn SQL!!!" that'll be me. :-P


Blogger kris said...

i just found your blog through the carla-along (i've just joined, still waiting impatiently for my cotton tape to arrive) and wanted to say that i love it! have just been through your archives instead of working ... you knit great stuff! love your carla and the colour!

6:49 AM, September 01, 2004  
Blogger Sarah C. said...

Hey, look at you! You worked right through Carla. I really like that's so pretty and delicate but not fussy. Amazing job - and I loooove the shade you picked.

6:12 PM, September 02, 2004  
Blogger Lynette said...

I heart your Carla also. And the color. I'm hurriedly trying to finish two other projects before I start mine. I can hardly wait.

10:25 PM, September 04, 2004  

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