Thursday, August 12, 2004

wow, don't i feel semi-cool!

while skimming my daily knitting blogs i was suprised to see this:
bonne marie of chicknits fame has given me a little shout on her blog! thank you bonne marie! i was just going through the list of my daily visits and low and behold on the top right-hand corner! i feel semi-famous in the knitting blog world. how exciting! and totally cheezy at the same time. :-P

ebay update - i just filed a buyer dispute through paypal. i feel awful, but the seller's policy says "will ship 24 hours after end of auction." it has been 17 days now... i think i can dispute it without guilt, right?

hush modified - thank you all for your concern and suggestions on how to adjust my hush... my goal is to keep this piece in tact as much as possible... no frogging! well, not much, at least... i considered the chicknits resizing tutorial, and then realized the straps which align in the front and back would be kind of whacky if i did it this way... soo..... here's my idea. now stop me if i'm not thinking this out properly...

  1. first i would frog the straps and make the piece strapless
  2. second, i would cut (*gasp!*) about 90% of the back panel off using crochet steeking, inspired by stefanie @ glampyreknits' cardiganized raglan top-down sweater. i don't know how this will translate on the fan and feather section, but i'm going to try it out on the center section first before the real cutting.
  3. third, i will either use those pearlized wedding dress buttons or the bottom satin ribbon to close the top detail
  4. fourth, i would have to add elastic of some sort to hold up the garment. i'll also add a flesh-tone lining as well.
  5. lastly, the back can be the front(?)

so? what do you guys think? one other thing i was considering was to make matching undies based on the SnB QoH bikini bottom... but with all the work i'm putting in on the top, i'm not sure if i'll have the energy! lol...


Blogger Marnie said...

This might sound a little crazy, but how about snipping about 45% (half of 90%) of the back panel and make a seam (this is just to balance the whole piece out). Then snip about the same amount out of the front. Pickup stitches along the front for a button band, work about an inch in sead or garter, and install some snaps so it can be worn completely snapped closed or opened from either end for extra zestiness. Add straps and you're done.

6:25 PM, August 12, 2004  
Blogger Carrieoke said...

Marnie's idea sounds great. The crochet steeks are pretty simple to do, but I would be worried about the feather and fan bit too.

Yay for your link on Chicknits! I love seeing my page link on other people's blogs, it makes me feel happy and loved. It's extra special when you're on the front page, especially on Bonne Marie's site! :)

8:31 PM, August 13, 2004  
Blogger MeMoiJa said...

Quick, before she notices it ... it's Bonne Marie, not Bonnie! (Bonne to rhyme with done)

10:01 PM, August 13, 2004  

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