Wednesday, July 21, 2004

rising in the ranks...

i think i can stop doubting my knitting skills. i am now a "tangy" knitter on :-P here's what 6 hours on hush hush looks like:

looking more "doily" than "nightie", but just wait and see...

close up! i feel accomplished.

the funny thing is, this was all accomplished while i was hanging out yesterday. i left work and knitted on the subway. i met up with friends in a restaurant and i knitted while waiting for food. we went to a bar and i knitted while sitting on a couch (good thing this was the place i used to go for my 'flipknits' crew last year, otherwise the staff would have looked at me funny!). i came home and knitted until i fell asleep at 2... i think i just can't wait until i get to the stockinette part, because after this hem it's smooth sailing. one suggestion, made by the owner, was that since it is a "wedding"-ish gift is that i make it a tad shorter and knit a pair of undies to go with it, which i think is a fabulous idea. i'm going to see if the SnB bikini bottoms will suffice as a counterpart for this, which it should since it's a simple string bikini. we'll see.

this project is making me really proud of my skills... the owner of dfly said to me last night, "wow, joy, i'm impressed." which, from her, means a lot since a) she never gives compliments, and b) she used to knit with me a year ago, so she knows how far i've come along with my skills.

*sigh* if i could do this and only this for the rest of my life, i would. :)

p.s. i have added pictures of my finished items on my previous posts, so if you would like to take a looksie scroll down. o, before i forget - my finished SnB tank girl.

the more i look at it, the more i wonder if i should just scrap it and do it over again. i look like the michelin man in it, i swear. and yes, i really like light blue. just remember, hush hush isn't for me.


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