Monday, July 12, 2004

the trouble with lamb's pride...

is that whenever i go to my LYS to get some, they are out of the color i need! *sigh* friday after work i decided to head over to school products on 28th street to pick up one skein of lamb's pride bulky in winter blue and they're all out! damned SnB for making lamb's pride so popular i can only go to online stores to purchase colors i want.... so instead of just leaving, i figured i might as well pick up some supplies for my next projects. trouble! i left with the following:

2 skeins lamb's pride bulky in lotus pink, 2 skeins of lamb's pride bulky in old sage, 2 addi turbo circulars (size 2/32", size 3/32"), and 1 size P crochet hook! and the damage? $64.95. so what was a 1 skein of lamb's pride day (totalling $7) ended up being a knitting shopathon! i really need to learn how to control myself in stores like that. *sigh*

so what are the supplies for? well, i've been toying with the idea of making that SnB marsupial tote that everyone's been gaga-ing over. or at least make a felted purse. they look really fun. so that's what the yarn's for... and the needles? well, i just ordered my 3/2 pearlized cotton to make hush-hush from the latest issue of knitty! not for me, though. kaitlyn's getting married and other than just getting them something from their registry, it would be nice to make something for her. :) i'm waiting for the yarn, so it's not going to start until the end of the month, probably.

other knitting news... i'm finished with tank girl! it makes me look a whole lot wider than i am, though, so i'm wondering about it... maybe converting it to a sleeveless turtleneck or something. o well. but i still need to block it, so i'll post it once i'm finished.


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