Tuesday, July 06, 2004


have i mentioned i love knitting? well, i love it.

this weekend proved to be super productive, and i'm really excited about it. i headed home last night on a mission to get things done, and i'm happy about the results... i finished a few inches on the Blue Sky BBBB and hit past the halfway mark on my SnB tank girl! wooooooo hooooooo... this means i'm going to have a finished tank by the week's end (if i don't run out of yarn, that is... and i'm getting scared that that might be the case after this next skein). i really should tackle this poncho, so i think i'm going to (you got it) frog the damn thing (AGAIN!) and start over, but this time crochet it! i feel confident enough, i think it's time... wish me luck!


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