Tuesday, June 29, 2004

i just remembered why i hate acrylic yarn...

owchie this friggin yarn is a pain to knit. it doesn't feel nice on the hands, its really heavy and i hate this pink-white-blue thing going on. oh well, it's my "keep busy" project, so i'll have to suck it up until its the beautiful BBBB that its meant to be. the only thing i'm afraid of again is potentially running out of yarn. i've already gone through 1 skein and i'm only 29 rows into the project. i'm glad i bought this at one of smiley's hotel sales where you buy a pack of 10 for $5, but i'm not sure if i kept all 10 balls of yarn. *sigh* o well, we'll see when i get there... at least jiffy doesn't have a dye lot or is in limited supply.


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