Wednesday, June 23, 2004

i heart knitting buddies

wednesdays rule because i get to go to lunch with my co-workers that knit! woo hoo!!! and its so helpful having a work knitting circle... because of the extended lunches! lol... we end up talking about work and call it a "meeting." tee hee. :-P anyway, i'm very excited about my BBBB. i think i'm at about 30% finished now, but as usual the concern is "do i have enough yarn?" i think that's why my stash is so goddamn big. i go to the yarn store and pick up about enough yarn to make a pair of socks or a doubleknit hat... meanwhile when i actually decide to go do a project, it calls for about 15 more skeins than i have. *sigh* i will take a picture of my stash and share. i think its even more disturbing that the amount of yarn that i have at my apartment is maybe half of the yarn i have. well, you'll see for yourself.


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