Tuesday, June 22, 2004

confessions of an avid frogger...

hello my name is joy and i have knitting ADD... i don't know what it is about knitting, but i have this tendency to start a project with incredible enthusiasm - pick out a pattern, go to the store, spend an incredible amount of money on yarn, get about 20-50 rows in... and totally lose interest and pick up something new. *sigh* so here i am in the hopes of creating more stable knitting goals for myself. at least, i hope. but just so you know, here is my track record for the past year...

victims of my knitting ADD

  • yarn girls guide simple tank (RIP sept 2002) - the first sweater/tank i've ever started... i made both sides but crumbled when crocheting the straps. i should pick this up and just finish the goddamn thing...

  • chicknits.com boatshell tank (RIP aug 2003) - started this for my mom, finished one panel and it barely fit me! frogged the side and tried to make a...

  • rebecca shawl for godmom (RIP oct 2003) - started this as a present for my godmom, then found out (after struggling for over a month with it) the wool would not be good for her move to Las Vegas. grrr....

  • simple poncho v1 (RIP nov 2003) - started this for myself but only had enough yarn for one side. ended up being a baby blanket.

  • simple poncho v2 (RIP nov 2003) - suffered the same fate as v1. my godson is a warm baby. thank god he's in detroit.

  • hollywood knits boatneck sweater (RIP jan 2004) - actually finished this sweater and followed SnB by assembling pre-blocking. sweater's too small for me. :(

  • pippi longstockings (RIP feb 2004) - started one with leftover yarn, and figured i could buy more from the store i bought it from. got to the store and they were OUT of the beautiful pink sock yarn i was using. i have a new christmas stocking, though.

  • knitty.com fuzzy feet (RIP feb 2004) - finished one, but when got to the second one, the skein was knotted beyond repair. plus the inability to felt since i don't have a washer made it unappealing to finish.

  • knitty.com poncho (RIP mar 2004) - completed, but was assymetrical! i frogged the WHOLE thing and started simple poncho v3. i pray to god this is it.

  • snb peppermint twist (RIP mar 2004) - started, but my conversion was all wrong. oh well. will try again, but after sp-v3.

  • magknits sassy stripes (RIP april 2004) - got to 80% complete, then realized the wool/cashmere blend would not fare well in 85 degree hawaiian heat.

don't get me wrong, i've finished TONS of hats, mittens, baby booties and blankets... i just need to actually start FINISHING what i start. :-P


Blogger MeMoiJa said...

Read your first post - what do you mean you don't have a washer? You do laundry, don't you? I'm assuming you do that in a washer/washing machine? ;-p
So, finish that second fuzzy foot, take them both to the laundromat, stick them in a pillow case so you don't clogg the filter, and add some jeans or other heavy stuff for friction, throw in your quarters and wash on hot. When done, check for result. Repeat until desired result achieved. I washed my magnkits.com Sophie bag four times until I was happy. In a NYC laundromat. So, there.

9:34 PM, August 10, 2004  

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