Monday, June 28, 2004

crochet, i will conquer thee!

so this weekend i ran out of yarn for my BBBB and ordered more from so since i'm waiting patiently for that i decided to start working on an actual crochet project! i picked this one, since it seemed functional and a little more interesting, but boy after frogging the thing THREE TIMES i'm beginning to think i'm a little over my head. it's looking more like a doily than a hat, but i'm sure i'm doing what the pattern is saying! i'm bringing it to my mom tomorrow to take a look at it, but i think this is why i've never picked up crocheting... knitting i would just knit and not pay attention to it and still have a pretty decent completed product. with crochet, you lose your attention span and forget it! your project is lost! don't even bother. just frog it where you think you messed up and try again. *sigh* so i think i'm going to start another BBBB in lion brand jiffy since i know whoever i give the blue sky alpaca BBBB will think its too nice to ever use. i just need something else to keep me occupied on the train. :-P hopefully, i'll get this crochet thing figured out so i can have a sweet bucket hat soon.


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