Saturday, July 03, 2004

well i know what i'm doing this weekend...

and that's knitting, honey. i'm sitting at the computer at my mom's house and i must say... for the past 10 hours all i've been doing is sitting on my butt, switching off between knitting and crocheting. i swear that crochet bucket hat is the best thing since sliced bread... i finished another one today. seriously. only thing is, as usual, i ran out of yarn, so i made a nice white stripe right above the brim... think michael jackson in moonwalker. i'll post pictures once i get back to work on tuesday. :) other than that i've switched back to the blue sky alpaca BBBB and have about 1/3 of my SnB tank girl done! as i said, sitting on my butt knitting all day.

maybe i should knit and ride and exercise bike or something so they don't think i'm lazy...


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