Tuesday, July 13, 2004

um.... knitted pasties?

ok, i'm done doing the cups on the SnB Queen of Hearts Bikini... i figured make it simple so i only did one color. i heard from the craftster site that the bikini knits up pretty small so do one size bigger. since i find myself to be kind of conservative, i went to the 3rd size (37 st). now, i'm not a big girl... i'm far from. last i remembered a 34B was about average. after i was done knitting these, i was downright embarrassed! these things are TINY! but i figured, make one set and then either fix it later (crocheted edges, etc.) or just learn from this one and make another one with a larger gauge. aiyah.

so, as i always do, i'm thinking of modifying the pattern and making it cleo-esque. i figured all i have to do is make a band under the cups and then create an apron for it... and since the cups are black i can do whatever i want for the apron part. we'll see how it goes!


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