Tuesday, August 10, 2004

technical difficulties...

just as i thought things were going so well...

here i am starting the top fan and feather of hush

and now close-up.

well, this past weekend as i finished the top segment and started the straps i realized - and what a horrible realization after just knitting away for a month straight - the medium is too big for k. i attempted to slip it on, and low and behold... *sigh* i'll post pictures up later, but i decided after i finish the original pattern i'm going to make some modifications... it should be surprising, i think.... and it'll definitely test my skills, that's for sure. stay tuned!

in the meantime, as i get the gameplan down for hush modified, i decided to distract myself with some "bucket o' chic" action. my lovely co-worker, prior to leaving for a two-week break in istanbul, asked me if i wanted anything. i told her, if anything, to bring me back yarn and i'll make her something in return. i expecte maybe one skein, maybe two... check out this lovely present:

how wonderful are my co-workers! so today i'm using the cream colored yarn to make the boc... it's knitting up quite well, and i can't wait to see the results. pictures to follow...

additional notes rather irritating, i might add.

  • i haven't received my "it's a tape thing" yet! :( carla, i wish to start you already!
  • the honeymoon tank yarn that i paid for at the end of last month hasn't been delivered yet! i'm quite irritated since i sent the payment right away and have sent two e-mails asking about it. how do you dispute an e-bay auction from the bidder's side? *sigh*


Blogger Marnie said...

What a shame that the piece is too big. I'll be really interested to see how you resolve the problem. I know that ChicKnits does a tutorial on taking in a sweater that might work for your situation.

10:27 PM, August 10, 2004  
Blogger Sarah C. said...

Good luck with the eBay thing - that's frustrating!

Your Hush Hush is absolutely gorgeous. That yarn is so silvery and shimmery and apropos...and I'm sure it can be taken in somehow? It's way too pretty to frog!

10:22 AM, August 12, 2004  
Blogger Carrieoke said...

ooh, it is so pretty. I'd hate for you to have to frog it. that yarn is gorgeous! it looks beautiful anyways, even if it's the wrong size!!

the yarn from your friend is fun too! yay for cool yarn.

11:54 AM, August 12, 2004  

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