Wednesday, July 28, 2004

knitting on the road...

will someone try to get me for using that as an entry title? :-P

ok, so this weekend was my "birthday knitting" weekend! first, the presents:

  • to the left, we have the '63 easy to crochet pattern stiches' afghan, which i purchased for myself while looking for satin ribbon at fabric bonanza... i thought, since my mom's a crocheter, it would be a fantastic little project to do together as an heirloom type thing! i'm really excited about approaching her with it.
  • to the right, we have the wonderful denise interchangeable knitting needles set, given to me by my honey! what a wonderful boyfriend. thanks honey! i immediately started knitting my mom a shawl on them, but realized there's work to be done! so then... onto the progress of hush hush...

day 1 - before leaving for our road trip i had just finished the first 5 inches! *phew*

only one problem... it appears as if i missed an extra 3(k2tog) and one row of the fan pattern in one panel is out of line with the others... my family thought it was hardly noticeable, and rather than spending an hour frogging i just kept going. *sigh* (i'll get a pic for you later)

onto tackling the eyelet section...

day 2 - on the way to harrisburg, pa, eyelets are completed! how exciting! and what a steady picture considering the rough terrain on the PA turnpike! onto the endless stockinette stitching + decreases

close up of the eyelets...

day 3 - no picture as of yet, but i have about 5 inches of stockinette stitch + decreases already finished! but this couldn't have been accomplished without the assistance of my wonderful boyfriend, who (knowing i have to have this thing done by august 12th) drove a total of 12 hours this past weekend to give me knitting time during our road trip. thanks, honey!

so hush hush continues on... more progress to come.

o, before i forget - ebay update - i won both auctions! looks like i know what i'll be knitting next. :-P carla-along and honeymoon tank-along, here i come!


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