Saturday, August 21, 2004

i love rainy weekends...

because all i get to do is knit all day! tee hee... i have pictures from the other day, but they're all blurry so i apologize in advance. :)

here are all of the goodies i received last week in the mail - the "it's a tape thing" book and "calmer collection" from jimmy beans wool. the yarn to the right is the ggh mystik i've been waiting for over the past 3 weeks. go to my rant to see what the drama was about.

next, as requested by carrie, we have shots of the boob-holder-in-progress, all really blurry since it was something like 2 AM when i took these... sorry carrie, i'll try for better shots today. :)

boob-holder fitting #1...

super-blurryiness makes my boobs look huge! my apologies for the obscene photo. :-P

i had to add an extra few rows because of my big ol' arms, but today i've separated the sleeves and am working on the increases on the body, so this should be finished later today!

lol... i feel like i'm showing slides of my vacation or something.

umm... oh yeah, finished the regular bucket o' chick last week, just gotta block it.

yah, this is in wool so can't go towards my knit-along, but it knit up so quickly i'll have that one done in a few days worth of train-rides.

so that's all i's gots for pictures. i promise to take more today, though. i woke up at 8 AM (on a saturday!) and just kept knitting until around 3. so the progress:

fantastic carla news - i finished both the front and back pieces and finished one sleeve today.... now the bad carla news - in the pattern it calls for dropping two stitches that run along the side of the sleeve and, well, i'm just not all that into it. i did it and now i'm thinking of frogging the whole sleeve and starting over again. :( i'll post it tomorrow when i'm in possession of my camera. so i'm either at 75% finished if i keep the sleeve, 60% if i don't. eh.

*phew* am i knitting enough? hehe...

so yes, i know you're all wondering about hush... and i promised i would be steeking. thank you all so much for the support.... as much as i think i'm going to be ok, i'm really scared.... it's soooooooooooo much work and now i'm cutting it. i told my work knitting friend during lunch the other day what steeking was and her jaw dropped. i wish i had someone to hold my hand on this one! eek! i think when i get back home i'll just suck it up and go for it. i've got nothing to lose, right? i hope. *sigh*

ps - thanks again, mol luege for all the support and advice. once i'm done with everything in progress, i'll go back to my completing fuzzy feet (yes, plural) just for you. :)


Blogger MeMoiJa said...

Oh, stop it! Sounds like a fab Saturday. Excactly what I wanted to do, but didn't. Spent too much time surfing the web again and had a Bliss appointment. But today is definitely a knitting day for me. And laundry.
I'll have to go and make at least one other entry on my "blog" seeing as you keep linking me! ;-)
One of these days we'll have to knit together. You probably live down the road.

9:06 AM, August 22, 2004  
Blogger Kim Werker said...

Steeking! Wheeee! I love that you spent the whole weekend knitting. My mom and I did quite a bit, ourselves. She's graduated from scarves to a poncho, and it's looking great! I'm envious of you re: Carla. I would love to knit up a Carla. Alas, no new wool for me. At least not till October. Oh my goodness, we need to go wool shopping *together* in October! Caffeine is making me ramble, I swear (typo: sweat).

12:52 PM, August 23, 2004  
Blogger Carrieoke said...

Dude, your boob holder looks so awesome. That yarn is gorgeous.

re: can do it! Just take a deep breath beforehand...we're all holding your hand in spirit anyways.

8:52 AM, August 25, 2004  

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