Tuesday, August 17, 2004


remember when i said "only two major projects at a time"? *sigh* if you take a looksie on the right-hand bar, that's obviously not the case anymore. oh well, i tried.

so as much as i would love to show the world my progress, my camera battery has died so i can't show you all of the wonderful things i have received and done... this weekend has been so relaxing, all i've been doing is knitting! i need more of those, dangit. or less work so i can knit all the time. :-P

  • first, the really great news... i finally got my it's a tape thing! i also received the calmer collection, which i have tucked away so i don't find myself in more WIP ADD Hell. so i have finally swatched for my carla and started the back piece! woo hoo!
  • secondly, i have finally received my honeymoon tank yarn! only 17 days after end of auction. i feel horrible because i gave the woman negative feedback (well, she didn't contact me until TODAY), and the reason was because her son was in the hospital so it was delayed. well, it's better delayed than not at all... i just wish she TOLD me so i wasn't worrying that my money was stolen. *sigh*
  • i was admiring new knitting friend carrie's boobholder that i had to start my own! i'm down to the fitting of the sleeves, so hopefully this will be completed within the next few days.
  • hush's original pattern is complete!

    don't mind the feet on the upper left...

    here i am modelling the finished hush over my pj's... you can see how loose it is on the top.

    so here's the steeking idea... the front panel and the back panel have no decreases whatsoever, so the top and bottom fan and feather align. also playing in my favor are the seven stiches in between each group that i can steek with no problems... wish me luck! i'm starting the modifications on this one tomorrow night.

*by the way, thank you mol luege for pointing out the typos in my last entry. my apologies, bonne marie!


Blogger Kim Werker said...

Joy! (Long story; now I have a Blogger ID.) I can't believe you're such a prolific knitter. And I also can't believe you're going to steek! Show pictures (after recharging). In anticipation of them doing so, I'm assuming my parents send their love! Good luck, kiddo.

1:43 PM, August 17, 2004  
Blogger Sarah C. said...

Oooh...steeking. You're a brave soul! I'm sure the FO will be perfectly marvelous and perfectly sized...I adore the It's a Tape Thing collection, too! It's not quite as po-mo as the R2 stuff, but it's hip and wearable and modern...thank you so much for the "Southern Tier" tidbits! I will have to check this Wegman's place out, for sure! :)

9:55 PM, August 17, 2004  
Blogger shobhana said...

wow! that's quite a bit of work! it looks great!

8:55 AM, August 18, 2004  
Blogger MeMoiJa said...

You make me blush. I'm glad you took it in the right spirit. I left an enabeling comment re felting in your first post. Didja see it?
I am so in awe of you actually steeking Hush. I'd have probably just pulled a ribbon through the top and bottom of the upper wawe pattern to take it in. It's not meant to stay ON your friend for long, is it?

8:47 PM, August 19, 2004  
Blogger Carrieoke said...

Dude, I cannot wait to see you steek that. It already looks beautiful, and I know that you will do a great job repairing it!!

And hey - one time I got really mad at someone because of their lack of response to my emails and they told me their son had died. ! So don't feel bad!

We want pictures of your boobholder!!

12:33 AM, August 20, 2004  
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