Friday, August 27, 2004

someone smack me the next time i hit the "back" button

note to self: please, for the love of god and all that is holy, stop hitting the "back" button when you're previewing an entry prior to posting. if anything, use the frikkin "save as draft" button if you're writing something long. the minute you hit the "back" button, the entry you've spent over 30 minutes writing will go *poof*, causing frustration and annoyance as you attempt to re-write the witty comments of the first draft. *sigh*

so yes, i, being the forgetful person i am, hit the "back" button while i was previewing my post. dumb, dumb, dumb. i'll try to re-create my nice entry to the best of my ability.

so, yes, i took my placement exam. i'm applying for the CTA program, which is an IT certificate program at the school of continuing ed here. it's awesome being an employee for a school because of the benefits - if i get in, it's 2 years for a grand total of $900. how sweet is that? anyway, i've applied to the database application development and design program, so the placement exam was on tuesday. the test was three parts: 1 part in general computer knowledge, 1 part in database knowledge, and 1 part in programming aptitude. for someone that does web support and graduated with a visual arts degree, i think i did ok. well, we'll find out on september 3rd, won't we now? edit - what a crock! check this out! i'm FUMING!

so this week has been really busy, thus the lack in blogging. tuesday was the test, wednesday was a hellish day driving to and from port jefferson, LI during rush hour, then my camera was dead... but fear not! although no blogging, tons of knitting has been going on. for example:

the liza collection - so one of my college friends has moved back to upstate new york from the west coast, and while on the wc she had adopted an adorable chihuahua puppy named liza. this, being liza's first winter ever, will be a traumatic one... most likely she will be a puppy popsicle by the end of october. so, with knitting needles in hand, i have made it my duty to clothe this chilly pooch before the end of summer. so for the first design, i bring you tweedy.

doggy sweater in a dark green tweed with brown trim, perfect for the stylish dog for the fall season. there is a top closure, secured with hook & eye closures and button trim. here is my stuffed bear, button, trying to be model it and being quite unsuccessful.

sorry, button. i'll have to make you your own sweater.

as you can see, the side is also stitched closed, but i'm thinking of removing that and making it another hook & eye or snap closure in case the sweater needs adjusting. this is a fantastic project for me... i think i have enough yarn to make many small doggie sweaters, plus these sweaters knit up so quickly! i'd say this one took me at most 2 days. quite rewarding. :)

boobholder update - grr... it appears that the rows i added for "good measure" was not the best thing for the project. before it was too small... now it's too big! *sigh* here it is pre-frogging. wave bye-bye!

carla update - i looooooooooooooooooooooved making this sweater. i finished knitting all the pieces on sunday, but i haven't been able to block or seam since so this is my weekend project. i'm so excited. this is the first sweater that is mine so this is quite an accomplishment for me.

the one bad thing about this sweater is that it made me a tape yarn ho. i have more tape yarn than i know what to do with. actually, i know what to do with it. like, right now, i've already started making thrill, which is a carla-like tank.

since this is my train-ride project, this will probably be done this weekend too. :)

hush update - ok, a little progress is better than no progress at all, right? i put down the guides for each section that needs to be steeked. *sigh* i WILL. i CAN. :( and i'll provide photos of the painful slow process and the scared expressions on my face as i cut through. :-P


Blogger Kim Werker said...

You are truly a knitting fiend, with a lucky chihuahua friend. Luckily, Cleo is a Northern dog, who is happy to sleep in the snow and swim in half-frozen lakes - no sweaters for her. More for me! I love Carla.

2:51 PM, August 27, 2004  
Blogger Lynette said...

Just my two-cents' worth. When I used Blogger, I lost my posts a lot. I started typing my posts in Notepad and copying it to Blogger once I was done.

BTW, your Carlas are darling. I need to get started on mine.

4:47 PM, August 29, 2004  

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