Thursday, November 04, 2004

time to breathe...

jesus. what a frikkin stressful week... first that jack-off gets elected. then i find out that have to make a 2 stop road trip in 2 days - first binghamton, ny and then amherst, ma. then yesterday, i wrote my last month's check for my apartment. how crazy is that? only 26 more days until i leave my west village apartment... so, so sad. *sigh* the only thing keeping me going are two things:
  1. my knitting - i have 1 more thing to do for my chickami... the straps. i have severe strap-ophobia. the minute i hit working on the straps, they went straight onto the stitch holders and i picked up making the lace cami from vintage knits... lol... and
  2. hawaii - good god, i can't wait to leave. twenty one days. yes i have that many vacation days... yesterday i found a CD of photos from jason's camera so i have to share! yay!
    me and jason before hitting snorkelling in maui
    me, being really excited about snorkelling, trying my stuff on
    molikini, the crescent island, where we were set to snorkel. the conditions were REALLY rough. just how rough?
    this rough. i got so seasick i couldn't snorkel. boo.
    but we did get to see a humpback whale.
    on the homestretch back i was feeling much better. what a waste of a snorkelling trip for me, though. *sigh*
can you tell i can't wait for this vacation? i'm not leaving for it in over a month and my mind's already there! anything to get my mind off of this hell...

note to self - buy polarized sunglasses for next trip and underwater casing for digital camera. :)


Blogger Sarah C. said...

Ohhhh...vacation! Great pictures! I like your tongue stud! (I felt mine made me lisp, so I removed it...twice, but I'm tempted to get it done again...) May your next Hawaiian vacation be even better than the last, if that's possible! Did you have fun in Binghamton?

12:42 AM, November 19, 2004  

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