Tuesday, September 14, 2004

i am the worst blogger EVER

*sigh* i suck. i'm sorry... between work, training, 2 weddings, new website responsibilities and studying... i haven't been able to write or even KNIT! i think i'm all knitted out. i thought that was impossible, but not so. since my last update, i finished thrill and al 90% finished with two doggie sweaters. i did have a picture of a friend's dog modelling "tweedy", but i forgot my camera at home. so disappointing... o well. i'm hoping this weekend my attitude will change. i've just been so tired. i've been coming home and passing out at 11:30, just to wake up at 4:30 because i'm scratching some mosquito bite i find during the night. *sigh* maybe i need a vacation... road trip?


Blogger Sarah C. said...

No worries - your readers await! I was noticing that a lot of bloggers (myself definitely included) are having trouble finding time to knit...let alone post about said knitting. Must be the fall air. :)

1:01 AM, September 22, 2004  
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