Thursday, January 27, 2005

recap of dec - jan

ok, ok... so more posts = more comments! i get it, i get it! :-P well, thanks for checking in, everybody... a lot has been going on, so i guess i should sum up, huh?

  1. i went to hawaii with the fam in december (9th through 31st). no pictures are up because i have come to the conclusion i am a horrible digital-photo-picture-taker. my nikon coolpix 3100 is the end of my being. i will try to filter out all those that are lovely and put it in the "see joy see" section which hasn't been updated in, about, forever.
    • week 1 - spent with the actual family - mom and brother. brother was doing the honolulu marathon and i was doing the fun walk, so we figured to take the mom along. wasn't as bad as expected. i hope by next year i can run the fun walk with ease, and maybe in 3 years do the race. my brother finished in a little over 5 hrs and finished 7758 out of something like 16000 runners. go bro!
    • week 2 - started off by heading to kauai, but was totally rained out. kauai can be summed up in 1 word for me: chickens. or maybe 2 words: chickens EVERYWHERE. came back after 3 days and stayed in honolulu for the rest of the time just hanging out with my bf's family, beaching and whatnot.
    • week 3 - pretty much the same as week 2. this whole description would be a little more exciting with pictures, huh? oh well, too bad for you. (~_^)
    don't worry, just check back later for them. hehe.
  2. come back and basically stuck with insomnia and a hacking cough that ends up to be bronchitis. and that basically brings us to today. lol. you think i'm joking. i'm totally not. check the time. it's 4:30.
so that's what i've been doing since i've gotten back. oh yeah, and getting used to living with mom again. i figured "why spend an extra grand on rent if i can just spend it in hawaii?" sounded GREAT at the time. eh. the pains and documentation of my mother/insomnia bout has been logged at this other place i blog where a lot of college friends blog, but i've been too lazy. i admit it.

ok, in terms of crafty/knitting stuff... i am proud to say that i am now a knitter-slash-crocheter! it's only taken forever, but i have finally grasped the concept. i'm very proud of myself. i will show you the very hideous wrap thing i made in the slew of other photos i post... but it was fantastic. i purchased a copy of "cozy crochet" which had fairly simple projects, and i just went with it.... next thing i knew, the kerchief i was originally making didn't seem BIG enough... so it evolved into a shawl. i hope i make you proud, kim.

prior to getting into the crochet thing, i didn manage to sneak three knitting projects into my bag:

  • a scarf for my "never owned a scarf ever" boyfriend out of lamb's pride bulky (yes, wool in hawaii, but new york was going to be crazy cold by the time he got back). he had requested the imperial logo from star wars on it (he's a huge freak), so i attempted to plan out my first original intarsia... to have it translate incorrectly when actually attempted. GRR! again, pictures soon.
  • the knitty honeymoon tank - i think i got maybe 15% of this done... i got severely distracted by the crochet. addicted, i tell you.
  • and
  • i made my attempt at pasha the penguin. my boyfriend's friend, T, in cali and i have been chatting online since last year but we have never met and this trip was our first opportunity! i knew he had a love of penguins, so i made the attempt... dragged my boyfriend to one of 3 craft stores in oahu (and such a poor selection!) to purchase the yarn. poor pasha had to be made with red heart acrylic, but i don't think he turned out too bad for my first attempt at a stuffed animal ever. don't laugh, ok?

    as i said, he's my first one, so i overstuffed him in places he shouldnt' have been and understuffed in others... and during the trip back to cali his beak lost some shape... and i couldn't find eyes in time, so the penguin has been named "zato" after a blind character from samurai movies. so... yeah. lol... i think the next one will be better.
so there you have it. pictures next time, i promise. (^_^)* and with 2 hrs and 15 minutes left until i wake for work! faboo!


Blogger Christine (knitting for boozehags) said...

I am so jealous!~ Not only did you go to tropical hawaii but YOU LEARNED TO CROCHET too!!!
It's so nice to see you post more but don't listen to me, I post on mine so much because I am lacking an actual social life.. I could have one I supose, but you can't knit at the rock shows! Notice it's 8 pm on a saturday nite and here I am! Oh MAN!

8:18 PM, January 29, 2005  
Blogger Melissa said...

That penguin is the cutest knit thing I have ever seen!
I have been wanting to crochet also, but I kinda want to master knitting first before I try anything else. Good luck! Can't wait to see the pics :)

1:33 PM, January 30, 2005  
Blogger K$ said...

you must divulge the pattern of the hat!

10:08 AM, February 04, 2005  
Blogger Donna said...

What an adorable penguin!

3:14 PM, March 01, 2005  

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