Sunday, September 26, 2004

sick and knitting...

not sick OF knitting! never! :-P i've been taking it easy... the weather change has made me quite ill. feverish, sniffles, coughing, runny nose... not pleasant whatsoever. oh well. at least i was able to take two days off from work. too bad i was in a medicated haze the whole time. *sigh*

so i haven't been knitting as frantically as i used to. which is strange, since i had the yarn fairy visit quite often this month... i got 20 (yes, twenty) balls of calmer come in last week. i think i went a little bid crazy on e-bay last month. yeah, just a little. i'm staying off of it until the end of the year. i know i swore that 3 months ago, but this time i mean it! really! i have incentive this time, though... i just bought my tickets for my hawaiian vacation in december! woo hoo.... 21 days in beautiful beaches with my family and hunny. can't wait! i think this time around we're going to kauai. lol... it's 3 months away and my mind is already there!

but before i head out there, i still await my visit from the lovely ms. werker in october. hi kimmy! i can't wait for you to come visit! what should we do? should we go to knitny and hang out with coffee and crochet? i don't know how tight your schedule is, but i would love to just sit and knit in a coffeeshop with you for hours! maybe we should see if we can get gluck out and make her knit too! :-P

oh, and another hello to my dear friend ami! i know you're reading. anyway, we must get together soon to knit.

so here is the fruit of my labors this past week... i figured i'd ease back in since i haven't had the time or the energy recently. this, if you can't tell, is a scarf that is obviously inspired by the carla sleeve i did last month.

i just fell in love with the embroidery i had to do it again. 4 times. for three feet each time. :-P

lookie how pretty... and of course, you know, this isn't for me. yet another bridal shower gift. too bad i was too sick to go to the shower to give it to her. *sigh*

so hopefully this month i'll feel a lot better about knitting. i think last month's doggie sweaters got me. o, funny but not so funny story - i finally got to send the doggie sweaters out, and when i got home i realized i sent it to the WRONG zip code. and it's addressed to a PO Box. does that matter? even if the city is right, but the zip is wrong? *sigh* all i gotta say is D'OH.

btw, i'm thinking of moving my blog... mebbe going on the route. not like my blog has much of a following, but i'm just not feeling this blogspot thing anymore. oh well, i'll think about it, i guess.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

i am the worst blogger EVER

*sigh* i suck. i'm sorry... between work, training, 2 weddings, new website responsibilities and studying... i haven't been able to write or even KNIT! i think i'm all knitted out. i thought that was impossible, but not so. since my last update, i finished thrill and al 90% finished with two doggie sweaters. i did have a picture of a friend's dog modelling "tweedy", but i forgot my camera at home. so disappointing... o well. i'm hoping this weekend my attitude will change. i've just been so tired. i've been coming home and passing out at 11:30, just to wake up at 4:30 because i'm scratching some mosquito bite i find during the night. *sigh* maybe i need a vacation... road trip?